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Woo hoo! An extended cut of one of our fave “What’s Inside” eps- pulling apart and putting back together! Enjoy!

Another amazing “What’s Inside” episode to share with our Squirrel Friends, (from us at Squirrel Friends!) Here’s what’s inside a Kaleidoscope! :) Ooohhh! Ahhh!!

The juicy secret is out! Check out what’s inside an orange! Enjoy this tropical treat, dear Squirrel Friends! :)

The Squirrel Friends took a minute to dance it out post KidScreen, as they transferred subways at 14th street! Where are you dancing happy?!

A Squirrel Friends Year in Review!

2013 was a big year for the Squirrel Friends! Here were some of the highlights:

In January, we completed our first two installments of our “What’s Inside?” series: Corn Popper Toy and KeyboardIt was awesome releasing our first projects!

 In April, we had a great time filming “Brother’s Day”, our documentary short about three brothers’ DIY holiday that celebrates their sibling bond.

In June, we celebrated the world premiere of “Brother’s Day” at the Nickel Independent Film Festival in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

In September we visited the NYC Maker Faire where we found inspiration everywhere we looked!

In OctoberUpworthy.com featured “Brother’s Day,” which resulted in the film being watched by more than 30,000 fans on YouTube!

In December, the Squirrel Friends visited Fixers Collective NYC to learn how to take apart more fun things for our “What’s Inside?” series.

So what’s planned for 2014?

Lots! We’ve got four more “What’s Inside?” shorts coming out in early 2014. We also have another short documentary planned, and several other projects up our sleeves. Stay tuned for updates as we continue on our mission to make awesome films for kids! 

The Squirrel Friends took a trip to Fixers Collective NYC for one of their Fixing Sessions. We learned how to take more things apart for our “What’s Inside” series!

Want to take things apart or put them back together? Get more info on the Fixers Collective here: http://fixerscollective.org/

Spreading the message of Brother’s Day

Thank you, Upworthy! Our friends at Upworthy.com posted Brother’s Day to their social media accounts, and now 31,000 Squirrel Friends have watched our documentary. Hooray!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can watch here:


We were so inspired by our visit to Maker Faire NYC this past weekend! We LOVE seeing the possibility of things kids can create. Here are some of the highlights (3-D printed dino bones, a Free Hugs robot, and a brand new material called Sugru that can be used to modify anything.)

Squirrel Friends at the Nickel!

“Brother’s Day” was an official selection during the opening night of the Nickel Independent Film Festival in June.  “Brother’s Day” and “What’s Inside?” also screened at the festival’s Children’s Matinee in August. Squirrel Friends were thrilled to share the shorts with the crowd in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Thanks again for having us, Nickel!

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In the Press


“Brother’s Day” is spreading around the world! Over 6,500 Squirrel Friends (and counting!) have viewed the documentary short about three brothers and the handmade holiday they created to celebrate their special bond.

“Brother’s Day” was featured on the front page of Upworthy, and contributor Jessica Levenson raved: “ We raise our kids in hopes that they become these kinds of people.” Check it out here.

We also received a shout out from the bloggers over at Bunch Family, who loved the spirit of the film. They wrote: “We think they’re really onto something here. Can we teach our kids to appreciate one another when they’re little so that they don’t take each other for granted when they get older? A special holiday just might be the way.” Check it out here.

And finally, the Kids’ CBC blog featured an interview with Jennifer and Kristen about the making of “Brother’s Day.” Check it out here !

Thanks to all of our Squirrel Friends who have shared our film! We’d like to share one million virtual acorns of gratitude with you all.